Chalkboard & Chalk Paint for Crafts or Home Decor
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Chalkboard & Chalk Paint for Crafts or Home Decor

Chalk paint comes in a matte finish and a variety of beautiful colors. How can you can use chalkboard paint? Buy chalk paint for home decor projects, message boards, adding a vintage vibe to accent pieces, and more.
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Furniture rehabbers and trash pickers know: Few things can breathe life into an old piece like chalk paint! Chalky paint combines a gorgeous matte finish with colors that range from light to bright, so it's perfect for adding interest to new pieces, too.

Why should you buy chalk paint?

  • Chalky paint is perfect for painting furniture & many different materials
  • It works better than acrylic paints for distressing effects
  • Chalkboard paint has a nice matte finish
  • Prep is easy - no sanding or priming needed!
  • Chalk paint offers great coverage - most projects require just one coat
  • Because it's water-based, cleanup is easy!
Note that chalk paint projects do require furniture wax, poly or another protective finish to extend their longevity. Ready to experiment with chalkboard paint? Shop for Americana® Chalky Paint and other chalk paint brands below.

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