Jewelry Pin Findings: Pin Backs, Safety Pins & More on ConsumerCrafts.

Jewelry Pin Findings: Pin Backs, Safety Pins & More - gold

Jewelry pin findings are a versatile base. Shop our affordable pin backs and safety pins below. You'll find all the findings you need to create wedding accessories, handmade jewelry pins and more.

Jewelry pins are easy to make and fun to wear! Whether you make jewelry as gifts, to coordinate with your outfits, or sell at a local craft show, ConsumerCrafts is the place to find all of the jewelry pin findings you need.

Our pin findings include an assortment of the following styles, in both silver and gold:

  • Safety pins for crafts
  • Jewelry pin backs
  • Bar pins
  • Hat pins
  • Sequin pins
  • And more!
Love the look of jewelry pins but want to create something a little more unique? Check out this Cute paper pin how-to on Crafts Unleashed.

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