Mod Podge® Melts & Molds
Mod Podge Melts & Molds on ConsumerCrafts.

Mod Podge Melts & Molds

Mod Podge Melts are perfect for creating custom jewelry pendants, scrapbooking embellishments, and more. Use the Mod Podge molds and the special melt sticks to make your own unique designs.

Mod Podge® Melts is a brilliant new line that lets you create your own unique embellishments. The special Mod Melts look like glue sticks. When you melt them in high temp glue guns, you can use them to fill Mod Molds - their silicone craft molds - to create small embellishments in on-trend designs.

When cooled, you can decorate your new embellishments and use them to create:

  • Custom jewelry pendants
  • Bracelet cabochons
  • Home decor embellishments
  • And more!

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