Styled by Tori Spelling DIY Fashion Jewelry Components
Styled by Tori Spelling DIY Fashion Jewelry on ConsumerCrafts.

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY Fashion Jewelry

DIY jewelry gets a fashionable update, courtesy of craft maven Tori Spelling! The Styled by Tori Spelling jewelry making line makes it easy for anyone to assemble chic jewelry looks in moments.

DIY fashion jewelry has never been easier! The Styled by Tori Spelling™ line introduces a simple formula:

  1. Select a necklace bottom
  2. Choose a coordinating top
  3. Add pendants or danglers to customize your look
  4. Assemble your finished piece in just minutes, with easy-to-use connectors!
For her eponymous jewelry making line, Tori Spelling selected pieces that fit into four different themed collections: Glitz, Glam, Noir and Boho. Love elegant, sparkling silver? You're a Glitz girl. Prefer glittering gold? Head for Glam. Noir offers sophisticated designs and muted colors, while Boho is all about free-spirited style.

Coordinate within each line - or mix and match - to suit your mood. The best part about this DIY jewelry line is that there's no commitment. The components can be changed in minutes - no tools, no mess! - to create new fashion jewelry designs!

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