Weber Turpenoid® Odorless Paint Thinner: 16 ounces

Product ID: BR1683

Weber Turpenoid ® is an odorless turpentine substitute that's great for a variety of uses. It's a perfect paint thinner for cleaning brushes, and is effective at removing paint from most clothing.

You can use odorless Turpenoid ® as a vehicle for oil and alkyd paints, too - either alone, or in mediums. It will thin the consistency without affecting the color, allowing you to create a variety of beautiful effects.

Ready to try Turpenoid ®? This smaller, 16 ounce container will give you enough to get the feel of working with this great turpentine substitute.

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Material: Other
Product Type: Paint Thinners
Shape: Other

Our Price: $10.97

16 ounces of Turpenoid per package.

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