Antique White DecoArt® Crafter's Acrylic™ | Cream Acrylic Craft Paint
DecoArt® Crafter's Acrylic™ Paint - Antique White - 2oz

DecoArt® Crafter's Acrylic™ Paint - Antique White - 2oz

Product ID : DADCA03-3

Antique white DecoArt® Crafter's Acrylic™ is a basic, low-cost acrylic paint that is great for many different craft projects. It brushes out smoothly and evenly, and covers in 1 or 2 coats. Antique white is a cream shade that is great for base coating, creating contrasting detail like simple stitching, or mixing with other colors to create lighter tints. It can also be mixed with water to create a pretty whitewashing effect. 2 ounces per bottle, 1 bottle per package.

Crafter's Acrylic™ is versatile and can be used in general arts and crafts, stenciling, ceramics, school projects, home decorating, and decorative painting. It adheres to a variety of surfaces, including paper, wood, fabric, plaster, clay pots, ceramic bisque, candles, canvas, resins, polymer clay, polystyrene foam, and tin. Permanent, fast drying and non-toxic, Crafter's Acrylic™ is easy cleaned from most surfaces with soap and water.

Product Type : Acrylic Paint

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2 ounce per package.


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