32oz Gloss Mod Podge® Matte Glue | Matte Decoupage Glue
Matte Mod Podge®: 32 ounces

Matte Mod Podge®: 32 ounces

Product ID : PLCS11303

Matte Mod Podge® is the perfect all-in-one glue, sealer and non-glossy finish. Great for use as a decoupage glue, clear matte finish, and more.

Whether you know it as modpodge, modge podge, mod modge, or its actual name... this 32oz tub will make sure that you have plenty of matte Mod Podge® on hand!

Watch this neat video on how to transfer a photo with Mod Podge!

Product Type : mod podge

Our Price: $12.87

1 piece per package.


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