Fresh/Wet Green Floral Foam Block - 3 x 4 x 9 inches

Product ID: FF480

Darice® wet green floral foam allows for the precise placement of freshly cut flowers and greenery in an arrangement, and helps to keep them hydrated for up to 7 to 10 days. Each 3 x 4 x 9 inch floral foam brick comes shrink wrapped. 1 green floral foam brick per package.

Here are a few helpful hints for using wet floral foam:

  • Soak your green floral foam before making your arrangement, to ensure that it is thoroughly and evenly wet with no interior dry spots
  • Foam is ready when the top of the foam floats level with the water
  • Keep the top of your floral foam should be around 1 inch higher than your container
  • Top corners should be cut at an angle to soften them and let you place some flowers and greenery outward for a fuller, more natural look
  • When pushing stems into the floral foam, make sure that the stems are always in contact with the foam
  • If you take a flower out of the foam and then reinsert it, always make a new hole to prevent an air pocket under the stem
  • Keep space between the edge of the floral foam and the container, so you can add water to the arrangement as needed
  • If your foam fits tightly, carve out a V-shaped notch in the back of the foam so that you have a space for watering.

Color: Green
Material: Other
Product Type: Wet Floral Foam
Shape: Other

Our Price: $1.27

1 green floral foam brick per package.

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