Silhouette® Mint™ Stamp Making Machine

Silhouette® Mint™ Stamp Making Machine

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With the Silhouette® Mint™ stamp making machine, you can turn photos, fonts, patterns and graphics into your own custom stamps. The results are professional - even photo-based stamps are amazingly detailed!

How does the Silhouette® Mint™ machine work? Its special thermal printing ability turns your custom designs into 3D reliefs on Mint™ stamp sheets. Custom stamp designs are easy to create with its powerful Mint Studio™ software, and you can import photos and graphics to get just the look you want.

The Silhouette® Mint™ stamp making machine comes with:

  • Silhouette® Mint™ Custom Stamp Maker
  • 2 Stamp kits: 15x60mm & 30x30mm
  • 4 ink bottles: Black, red, blue, yellow
  • 50 Exclusive stamp designs
  • Mint Studio™ software
  • Power & USB cords
  • Quick start guide

Want to see the Mint in action? Click here for a short video from Silhouette.

Note: Because of our everyday low price on the Silhouette® Mint™ stamp making machine, no additional discounts apply.

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1 Silhouette Mint machine per package.


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