Spectrum Noir Markers: Brights, 24 pack

Spectrum Noir Markers: Brights, 24 pack

Product ID : BRIGHTS24

Spectrum Noir Brights offers a colorful array of professional, high quality, alcohol ink markers in coordinating bright, vibrant colors. Spectrum Noir markers are fast drying, acid-free and non-toxic. The colored ends of each pen allow for easy color identification, and the Brights set includes the following colors:

  • Light Green (LG) 5
  • Bright Pink (BP) 3, 4, 5 & 7
  • Coral (CR) 7 & 9
  • Orange (OR) 2 & 3
  • Dark Red (DR) 2 & 4
  • Fluorescent (FL) 1 & 2
  • Blue Turquoise (BT) 6 & 8
  • Ice Blue (IB) 3
  • Citrus Green (CG) 3
  • Jade Green (JG) 1 & 2
  • Green Turquoise (GT) 2 & 3
  • Pale Pink (PP) 6
  • Gold Brown (GB) 6 & 7
24 markers per set. One set per package.

Spectrum Noir markers are affordable, alcohol ink based markers for crafters, artists and students. Each of these Spectrum markers is double-ended, with a fine bullet tip for detail work and a broad chisel nib on the other end for filling larger areas. The colors blend seamlessly, and can be mixed or layered over each other. Click here to open the Spectrum Noir Color Chart and view all colors.

Tips: Store Spectrum markers horizontally to keep tips evenly inked and help prevent one of them from becoming too "juiced" or leaking. Generic isopropyl alcohol works well for cleanup of stray marks on non-porous surfaces like table tops.

Product Type : Spectrum Noir

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24 piece per package.


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